If there was more world cultural inner emotional healing/development emphasis..?
Would fear of war and/or brutal invasion occupations be less..?

If there was more kind social welcomeness,
Would there be less anger and less violence..?

If there was more true empathetic listening,
Would there be less psychiatric prescribing..?
Less self-medicating..?
Less.. “hospitalizing”?
Would there be clearer mutual empathetic understanding..?
Would there be more clearly measured preventative measures taken as for whatever damage could be more clearly avoided..?

I don’t even know if this is being helpfully interpreted..(?),

Guess all I can start with,
Or consciously “reconnect” and/or “come back to”,
Is this form I’m in,


And if I try to preach about it,
Most likely,
Many others may just..,
Not want to hear it,

I also feel I must sufficiently consistently ask myself,
Am I really there for others,
As they ALSO may empathetically need it..?


And well,
In general,
I’d say I’m just as vulnerable,

I guess(?) I can’t force this post to be helpful

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