Back Out

I don’t even know how these internet algorithms work..(?),
I’m just tryna make putting myself out there at least somewhat work..,
Maybe there’s still some or a LOT of luck required regardless of how hard and smart we work..(?),
In order to have what we’re intending,
feel to actually work..(?),

At least I wasn’t sent to an even more incompatible “special” school,
Nor (later on) become shut down on meds with “support” groups facilitated by someone like Nurse Ratched..,
Nor (of course) forced a lobotomy..,
Yet I still worry about certain catastrophes..,

I still worry about impacts my environments may have on me,
How those I may someday depend on may treat me..,

I just feel to be often affected uniquely for the worse unfortunately..,

If I can’t keep my balance then someone may try to force it as they see while claiming to be “helping me”,


Even though it’s “beautiful” what humans may do to keep each other alive and “functioning”,
Kindness would ALSO be awesome,

Kindness would help keep me going..,
Kindness just may help me have more inner peaceful clearness to understand algorithms and/or however others feel a need to truly support me,

Since I (for example) wouldn’t be as distracted by verbal, emotional and/or spiritually abusive energy,
Nor of course would worry about a physical threat..,
So how am I supposed to clearly pay attention with all those types of toxic instructional distractions..!?

Even if kindness “ain’t enough”,
I feel,
It can NOT hurt me,


For example,
I lose focus when those yell and curse at me,
For reasons such as,
Instead of motivating me..,
It frightens me,
It (at least eventually) makes it more likely that they’ll become my enemy..,
Who I will NOT “love” NOR acknowledge empathetically,

Oh I will try to burst back out of my shell eventually,

Those who have developed the inner peace to truly respect me,
Will MORE LIKELY help keep strong life going in me,

Those who act kind to me are MORE likely to help me access and sustain an increasing degree of my present capability,

And I guess that,
Since what we sincerely emanate externally may come from an inner energy source we may feel to be experiencing presently,
Those who give off kindness,
I’d guess are feeling more powerful inner peacefulness,


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