Own Way

I try to become socially in sync,
Then become toxically “individual”,

It’s back and forth..,
Back and forth..,

And (FOR ME) it’s toxic when I individually isolate because I become too disconnected in my head..,

I try..,
I try..,

It’s like..,
These other fucks just start to practice “mindfulness” and consistently meditate then all of a sudden their surface appearance appears great,
YET even among the “like-minded” folk I STILL struggle to relate..,

And people suggest that I meet those also “autistic”..,
Labels don’t most deeply define me,
And regardless of labels I believe we’re all different from different categories of unique backgrounds evidently..,

It’s just..,

Whether autistic or not,
People are scumbags..,

And when I try to keep it real others may ask..,
“Is he alright”?

And I am,
Once again,
I’m speaking my truth in a non-violent way,
And I apologize for multiple posts a day..,

Stumbling along in my own way,

More powerful figures just may evaluate it different..,


Yeah I know I gotta slow these posts down,
I’m just trying to NOT stay shut down,


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