More out There

Even if I’m “full of shit”,
Even if I’m NOT “properly explaining it”,
Even if I’m deeply failing at aligning my actions with it,
I’m still going at it,

Even if I’m taking more steps up,
I may sometimes slip and tumble down,
Yet maybe I’ll have accessed and sustained more of the ability to walk back up faster,
And/or make each step with more balance and power,
In a way that’s clearer,

Even if I don’t clearly see,
Whatever others may feel a need to try telling me,
And even if I can’t clearly organize my thoughts NOR consciously step out of emotional intensity enough to clearly peacefully express myself,
I guess I can still eventually find more peace within myself..(?),
And still keep practicing to clear more of the inner tension that emanates confusion,

Even if I can’t always connect the “best” figures of speech together in the “best” ways the describe what I feel a need to say,
Infinitely beyond what the words may ever convey,
Even if the words I choose to try to clearly organize together do not helpfully point to anything deeper to feel and/or see clearer,

At least I’m still,
Staying strong,
More than before,
As I once again take more steps,
To put myself more out there

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