Toxic Seriousness

If I remain too in my head,
I may not find,
NOR sustain,
A deeper inner peaceful spirit required to get truly ahead,
And I may wind up,
Hanging by a weakening thread,
Which therefore just may snap then cause me to fall while spirling faster than ever until landing instantly dead,

Maybe that rhyme was too easily predicted..(?),
Or maybe I’m obsessively criticizing myself too much IN MY HEAD,

If I remain just in my head,
The emotions may build in me,
They may blind me,
My mental surface level thoughts alone may NOT be able to distinguish between emotional intensity and DEEPER reality,
And if and when others realize my emotional fragility..,
Oh how it just may be hilarious to them when they playfully trigger me,
Oh the fun they’ll make for themselves may entertain them deeply,
They’ll deepen their social bond as they bust my balls brilliantly,

And even if they “don’t mean to offend me”,
Even if they are “just joking”..,
Since I’d be more in my head,
I may not relate as deeply,
I may not see the big picture as clearly,
Since my awareness will be confined to just my head evidently,

I just may take it,
Toxically seriously,

And even though I may feel a need to more peacefully chill out,
I guess..,
Even if we “don’t mean harm”,
Are we AWARE of the effects we’re having..(?),

I hope for more deeply inclusive collective sentient understanding in ways helpful for whatever deeply needs to be addressed pertaining to our present sentient functioning,

I guess that as for this example..(?),
If we’re just in our head,
Our social/emotional awareness may not be as empathetically present as others may need us to be since thoughts in our head may be what we see as the “deepest” reality,
Hence we’ll just be thinking when others are in need of empathetic feeling..(?),
Must we at least start by “noticing our breathing”..(?),

And well,
As I’d guess..(?),
When overthinking,
Since our thoughts may be MORE overloaded and LESS organized,
Since we may be thinking LESS clearly,
We may therefore be thinking MORE while thinking LESS intelligently..(?),
Hence I presently feel that,
More thinking does NOT “always” increase intelligence,
Yet CLEARER thinking MORE LIKELY does,
And yes,
Maybe all that explaining indicates my present overthinking..?


And well,
If we’re more deeply aware YET are still controlled by a deeper UNhealed layer of painful emotional insecurity,
I’d guess..(?),
We may want to feel power by trying to playfully interact with (yet happen to emotionally abuse) those who are more socially/emotionally oblivious,
Yet are more anxiously overthinking..(?),
All INSTEAD of attempting inclusive collective internal emotional healing,
And although I can go on “rambling”,

I hope this felt at least somewhat helpful when reading,
As always,
Thanks for reading

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