I guess no matter what we’re doing,
Even if it’s not a part of any “creative” industry,
We’re still being creative and cultivating and emanating some type of and some level of impactful energy..(?)

I believe that,
When we express our truth,
Although expressing I see as needed and liberating,
There’s still an energy field we’re leaving,

There’s an energy field that’s lasting,

Is it kind..?
Is peace or anger perpetuating..?

Oh am I sufficiently properly explaining!?

I’ll keep trying..,

And well,
The type of energy we left just may become more and more readily available,
In ways destructive and/or helpful,
Harmfully addictive or consciously constructive..,

And although as for connecting figures of speech together,
In a way that creates a “brilliantly” elaborate picture,
Is it healing..?
Power seeking..?


For example,
What is the work of artistic expression,
Political and/or “spiritual” creative organization,
Or even medical institution(s),
Truly perpetuating..?

I’d guess..(?),
No matter how “perfect” it seems,

It’s always worth,

Double and/or however multiply checking,

And I’m not intending to make others feel guilty..,
How would guilt be helpful empathetic inner healing energy!?

It’s just that it seems to me,
I guess we all have some level of impact..(?),
As for whatever we’re doing,
Which we must clearly regard seriously,

No matter how “obvious”,
Are we actually considering this..(?),
To overall help us with whatever the…..

Since I’d guess..(?),
Many (or at least some of us) just may want to feel this experience as more worth experiencing..?

How are we being presently UNIQUELY impacted by those who came before us..?
How are we being impacted by those who are famous and/or who we may not realize influence us..?
How is their control affecting them..?
Is it addressing anything internally troubling them..?
And well..,
What impact are we having on ourselves and whichever surrounding others..?
What impact do we think we’re leaving for any members of future generations expected to arrive..?

Where do we truly wish to arrive ?



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