Just Become

If I’m trying to kindly open myself up and consider ways of making inevitable difficult moments easier,
It’ll feel worse if someone impatiently and dismissively replies by saying “that’s why we need to work faster to get out of here”,

If I say,
You know,
Someone named Eckhart Tolle essentially said “stress is caused by being here but wanting to be there”,
(Source: Tolle, Eckhart. The Power of Now. Novato, California, Namaste Publishing and New World Library, 1997, p. 84. (https://www.calvin.edu/library/knightcite/index.php)),

And if the response I receive is,
“That’s why we need to get out of here”,
That does not really help make the inevitable present moment easier,

And if I’m trying to be kind and sincere,
I expect it in return,
Yet if the person I’m forced to work with just gives some dismissive wise-ass response,
Eventually I just may more likely lose patience,
Have another enemy,
And then struggle to keep my job ONCE AGAIN..,

And if I’m working “too slow”,
Struggling to remain peaceful,

If there’s a lot on my mind and I’m acting oblivious,
And when others just lose patience..,

When others just kick me when I’m down in order to vent their frustration..,
That just fills me with more debilitating misery..,

It does NOTHING to truly teach me,
Yet sadly,
To often,
Those who I’m supposed to work together with productively..,
Just become my enemy,

May we just be kinder to each other!!?

May we just be kinder to each other!!?

May we just consider being kind more seriously!!?



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