Empathetically Broadening Interpretations on ALL SIDES

Although this may not have been word for word,
This is essentially a type of experience that I’ll encounter online to damn frequently..,
And even though this was not nearly as bad as so many..,
These simplistic view points do sometimes add frustration within me..,

I’ll make one point,
And then someone will respond with a narrowed interpretation,
Such as in response to this police bodycam video showing this one girl getting arrested,
I essentially tried to make clear that even though she made “bad choices”,
There’s a whole history behind her behavior/decision making awareness,
That developed the way(s) it did because of whatever..,
That is not some simple answer such as “she’s acting this way because she was ‘coddled’”..,

People make love and kindness sound so NEGATIVE..,

When I tried to point out that I feel that there’s more to why the girl was acting the way she did than what the bodycam may depict/imply,
This one response to what I said happened to say,
“That’s true, but I don’t think the police were hiding anything”,
Which made it SEEM as if all I was “implying” was that the police were “hiding something”,
Therefore serving to NARROW important critical thinking..,
Therefore implying I was speaking “against” the police and therefore making it appear as if I was on the “wrong” side..,
When in reality,
I feel that the police handled the situation just properly,
And as for the comment section,
I feel that the girl must NOT be judged so simplistically..,
For reasons of the importance of expanding critical thinking additionally..,

And well (for example)..,
Did the girl being arrested want her mom because she loved her mom or because she was “coddled”..(?),

Was the girl having a meltdown as a result of other unhealed trauma that had NOTHING to do with her mom..(?),

And the initial comment that sparked the YouTube reply thread,
Also essentially said (as I indicated above),
“this is the perfect example of someone whose parents coddled them their whole life”,
Which got at least three thousand thumbs up..,
And the comment’s up votes are still going up..,

And well..,
(According to me..),
Of course self-reliance is important,
Yet it was more the popular comment’s choice of words that made this sound so nasty..,
And (for me) it’s hard to view the nastiness being increasingly approved of by so damn many,

Because in my belief,
Being coddled doesn’t have to be viewed in the worst ways possible..,
NOR does pointing out how there’s more to what’s shown in the bodycam imply you’re “against the police”,

And even though I really can NOT expect anything good to come out of most people I interact with on YouTube,
Maybe if we expanded our awareness,
From less simplistic convenient hardass world views,
To deeper understanding on ALL SIDES,
Just maybe there’d be less of a temptation to excessively block out emotional pain through drugs..(?),
Maybe the police would ALSO receive the empathy that I feel they ALSO deserve..,


Because well..,
In my opinion,
The more we hate each other,
The harder it is to compassionately coexist among all surrounding interdependent others

(Source: YouTube, Channel: “Crime Scene Cam”, March 9th, 2023, I hope this is the correct video link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7Y60JAgFkrA&feature=youtu.be)

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