The Chance

I tried to park in the most seemingly available narrow parking space,
And as for the man in the car which I was pulling up parallel to,
I thought I gave him enough space,

Yet he gave me a powerfully sustained nasty hardass look on his face,

He just had to angrily sincerely express I parked too close,
And while re-adjusting my mom’s car to the right in a non-parking space in order to give him more space,
He just powerfully stared with his nasty unforgiving face,

And as for this brutally escalating..,
Oh it felt close,

Yet well,
Even though so many people want to remain distant,
Fail to be kind NOR fairly patient,

At least I ONCE AGAIN did not escalate it,
At least I stuck around,
And have the chance,
To write about it,

There’s just always another who makes it HARDER for me to find and sustain peace within me,

Yet I feel I must NEVER give up on the possibility

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