Obsessive Compulsive Territory

Oh no..,
Here we go..,

As for the number of posts I have in this moment of today (April, 26th, 2023) and have not yet removed ..,

I’m getting close to 666 WordPress.com posts..,
And don’t we all know that number..(?),

The “Devil’s number”..,

Or is it “616”..(?),
I remember passing that recently..,

And even though (I believe) creativity is about quality and NOT number of creations NOR the numbers they land on..,

These belief systems,
And interpretations and/or translations that came before me,
Of interpretations and/or translations that came before those who passed them down to me..,

(Seemingly to me..),

STILL HAVE A LIMITING obsessive compulsive effect on me..,


I’m just trying to once again,
Not fearfully lose myself in the deep obsessive compulsive intensity..,

Ohh how these powerful culturally dominant belief systems have an effect on me..,
And what happened to their original messages..(!?),

What was truly translated and/or interpreted as initially intended to be!!?

To me it just,
Does NOT seem like many,
Who even may claim to “identify” as part of the belief system..,
Truly love those who see and operate immensely differently..?

I’ll hang in there,


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