Too afraid to be Honest

Many others seem to not have a problem being honest with me,
Such as making it clear to me,
They just “do not know what I’m talking about”,

They’re not afraid to get it out,
They know I will NOT verbally,
NOT spiritually,
NOT emotionally,
NOR physically knock them out,

Yet as for me,
I get intimidated too easily,
So the honesty I wish to reciprocate that I carry within me,
Painfully builds in me too damn easily,
Because if I feel I try to express how I feel,
Even kindly,

I fear many just will still,
Not respond kindly NOR understandingly,

They may,
No longer even want to spend time with me,
Then I’ll once again return to more social isolation,
As it often has been,
Time and time again,
After continual failed social interaction(s)

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