I feel That

I feel that,

One way to spot narcissism within someone is to see if that person feels a need to harshly instruct the truth they see,
Which they may consider as the “one and only truth”,

And I feel that,
Since I’m saying “I feel that”,
This is only truth I presently feel to see in me which I feel that anyone is allowed to disagree with since we may view truth differently..(?),
I also say that..,
Just to at least try NOT to sound too “narcissistic”,

I feel that,

Causes of narcissism could be emotional needs going unmet,
creating deep insecurity that the narcissist tries to solve in ways that never heal the source(s) of their inner emotional insecure pain (which (I would guess(?)) could have been exacerbated through emotional abuse,
which (may have) initiated due to species unconsciously developing harsh emotional personalities in response to harsh environmental conditions..(?)),
(Which of course may vary from individual to individual, such as what the individual specifically kept encountering, how they were uniquely reacting, therefore developing a personality and a level of inner awareness of impulses, choices, decisions.. etc, etc.. (which of course perpetuated downward to those who came after them (such as emotional response tendencies our ancestors gave us, which we can either perpetuate or heal.. (for example: inner insecurity making us get angry at everything and therefore scaring many others around us, or following a path to develop more inner peace within us, also contributing with feeling more peace within those around us, since we won’t be adding to inner painful emotional insecurity by blasting out anger recklessly NOR directing it at others and therefore NOT increasing their insecure misery)..))),

I feel that,

One way the narcissist might insatiably try to “compensate” for feeling insecure is through seeking power..(?),
(And of course expressing anger may scare others into following their orders..),
Which (hypothetically speaking) may also include aggressively reminding others of their flaws in order to make others feel less confident in themselves and more “trustworthy” of how the narcissist will instruct them (in certain instances..),
And/or the narcissist’s frightening behavior..,
May I’d guess..(?),
Frighten others into closed-minded obedience,

I feel that,

Even though the narcissist might be highly aware of how and why they continue to struggle,
The insecurity may just be so intense..,
That well..,
The narcissist just may often FAIL to NOT give in..(?),

I feel that,

Of course just because we may deeply understand it,
That of course still does NOT excuse it,

Developing more empathy and being able to feel it with others,
Just may..,
I guess help us feel LESS alone in our insecurity and therefore REDUCE this toxic tendency to try to compensate for insecurity since our attention will be MORE focused on SHARED positive empathetic social connection..(?),

And well (I’d guess that..?) this just may be harder if you are faced with frequent social rejection and/or just encounter toxic interactions..(?),
Although it may be extremely hard..(?),
May it still be possible to find peace in inevitable moments of painful isolation..,

Now yes..,
I feel that,
If someone is dangerously lost in narcissism..,
Maybe all that many of us can only do is safely keep our distance..,
May we at least try to infinitely empathetically understand infinite causes to judge “flaws” we see in ourselves and others infinitely LESS harshly..,
Even if those flaws happen to include highly narcissistic tendencies,

I guess how we relate to how and what we feel to see within ourselves we just happen to emanate externally..?

So yes,

I feel a need for more empathetic healing energy,

And I feel that it is (of course) NOT easy..,

Oh I feel that,
I feel that,
Quite deeply,

And well,
Maybe there’s some level of “narcissism” in most if not us all..(?),
Yet of course,
May we increasingly develop inner peaceful conscious awareness and/or deeply considerate true self-control so those insecure narcissistic forces don’t blow the shit too much more out of control

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