Redirecting Attention

(Disclaimer: The citation format is neither consistent nor (I guess(?)) conventional..),

Okay so..,

Is this obsessive compulsiveness taking over me in order to “validate” my ego which has zero confidence of being “perfectly validated” any other way..(?),
Yet when does my ego truly attain its way..?
I feel that it just functions as always insatiably seeking..,

(Source: Eckhart Tolle, YouTube, Video title: “The Many Faces of Ego”, Release Date: January 19th, 2021, I hope this is the correct video link:,

Trying to please it (my ego),
To me..,
Does not seem to be healing the insatiable inner source(s) of it..,

And yes I know I’m failing to just let it be as background noise that I increasingly peacefully accept..,
I may just be trying to push it out,
Yet it just seems to fight back stronger and stronger,
So maybe..,
I just once again,
Must increasingly accept..,
That it’s always there,

Hence I guess..(?),
Since resisting can imply discomfort,
The less I resist,
The more comfortable I may become,
With it’s,
Inevitable presence ..?

(Source: Tolle, Eckhart. The Power of Now. Namaste Publishing, New World Library, 1997, p. 33. (,


And even if I’m never “perfectly” comfortable,
Since seeking comfort may also become egotistically insatiable..(?),
At least..,
I just feel I can accept more,
So the likelihood of me becoming derailed by this inner emotional resistance intensity becomes LESS,

When I have severe obsessive compulsive behavior,
I feel I just keep missing out on life,
So since I may never be able to completely “block it out”,
I feel that I can STILL instead increasingly accept it as a peaceful background noise eventually if I properly practice redirecting my attention,
ALSO increasing the likelihood of the obsessive background noise decreasing SINCE I’ll be giving it LESS power by redirecting my focusing energy..,

And regardless if I explained that sufficiently clearly..(?),
I can just,
At least,
Regain focus,
On my naturally occurring inhaling and exhaling,


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