Vibe Kill

Speaking in general (and not intending to be personal),
These posts are serious,
And I sometimes worry,
If all this seriousness..,
Is a social vibe kill that others may see..,
Miles and miles away,


Do I really expect to be invited..,
If I’m just..,
Pouring my heart out..,
Instead of just..,
Chillin the F out..!?


I feel I must,
Keep navigating to the best of my ability..,
On this truthful journey..,
Because I just do NOT want to go back to living a life of isolating misery..,

I just can NOT allow others to..,
Frighten me..,

What will happen,
If I try to more and more inner peacefully clearly access..,
My truly deeper capacity..?
Which I feel that ZERO stigmatized labels could ever define as my functioning “capacity”,

Because they are not the truth I see within me..,
They just may evaluate my actions surfacely..,
While under pressure due to whoever they work for..,
At least most I’d guess (for example..)..?

Those labels..,
Those groups that excluded me..,
I feel that..,
They’re just manifestations externally,
That can NOT see the truth within me..,

As I can not speak for the truth that they see within themselves..,

May we helpfully connect,
More and more deeply

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