Sinking in Within

Sometimes when stuff spirals out of control,
I’ll just analytically blame whatever I see as “toxically cultural”,
In combination with my stigmatized label(s)..,
Others simplistically judging my struggles..,
For example..,

At least..,
I’m in a time that I still consider better..,

And yes,
I’m having OCD again..,

Tryna get what my irrationality tells me as comfortably more than “666” posts..,

And well..,
I feel that,
When writing turns into a numbers game..,
My creative impression,
May just,
Sink into a giant regression..,

Sometimes I just..,
Sink in,
To the obsessive toxins within..,

Maybe as I proceed up,
I sink down,
Yet may proceed up even higher..,

Yet my goal is to not sink as deeply as various moments before..,
And as for any depth(s) that I may sink painfully once again into either similar or worse than various times before..,
I STILL wish to have the high level tools necessary,
Faster and faster and faster..,

And even though those speech figures just may could be way better..,
I hope that was clear enough,
To understand,
In a more helpful direction..,


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