When Truthful

When I try being more honest and truthful I may put myself in a line of fire for responses such as,
“Yo you’re making others uncomfortable. Like you really need to stop”,
And even if they’re “right”,
What’s not right is always receiving criticism that does NOTHING to build me,
Which they might claim their intention to be,
Yet in reality,
That kind of criticism increases chances of discouragement building within me,
And I still must NOT let it stop me,

And no matter how clear I try to be,
Many others still may never truthfully understand me,
I feel I must NOT let that stop me,

From consciously deepening alignment with the truth I see,

Once I “clean up my act”,
Life just may always have more shit to throw at me,
I plan to increasingly stay strong in that inner peace and NOT let whatever keeps coming my way blow me too far off track,

I can remind myself to inhale,
Witness and just freakin chill,

Whatever is the reality of my situation,
I can always come back,
Along a more suitable track,

And well,
Aside from all the toxic emotionally damaged and out of control individuals out there,
I can appreciate that somewhere,
There are also those who care,

It helps me feel better when I remember and/or receive an important kind and helpful reminder such as that I’m not alone,
And as for any actions I may chose or not choose to take,
I guess I’m continuing on somewhere


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