That’s Just Me

So I got triggered again,
And I decided to share this,
INSTEAD of wasting more time in a YouTube comment section,
Interacting with those who mostly just may be uncontrollably trolling instead of welcoming me on a path to deeper understanding..,
Just saying based on how I feel to be usually perceiving..,

Okay so..,
As for claiming to NOT believe in “cruel and unusual punishment”,
I guess even then,
Everyone’s got a unique way of defining it..(?),

I guess everyone’s got their own set of experiences,
That shaped how they see stuff,
That underlie choices and/or decisions they continue to make,
That of course may uniquely affect them among others..(?),

I’d guess that (I feel that) since emotional trauma may increase chances of engaging in UNethical social deviance..(?),
Will traumatic punishment (and/or more trauma) truly “enlighten” them..?

And even if it’s not our job to “fix” the “evil” lawbreakers..,
Even if society must understandably get the criminals out of the way as effectively as possible,
For safety and stability,

Ideally and practically speaking,
Pertaining to both the lawbreakers and those who punish them,
I feel it would be nice that,
Instead of adding more trauma,
Maybe if more viable psychological rehabilitation services were possible..(?),
If more people become more clearly guided on and/or find more viable paths to discovering and/or rediscovering inner peaceful roots..(?),
Then maybe..(?),
Just maybe more people will actually live by the loving peaceful original messages that their organized religions were founded on..?

For example,
Does whooping someone’s ass teach them a lesson that’ll meaningfully deepen their conscious awareness..?
Does brutal punishment lead to spiritual enlightenment more often than not?
Let’s be real..,
I’d say I can NOT speak for everyone..,
Maybe we sometimes feel one way and then we’re having worse than usual days..?

Yet as for any belief system’s “original messages”,
I guess there’s different interpretations and/or translations..(?),
However personally biased or not..(?),

Hypothetically speaking..,
Someone says someone said “this”,
While another claimed they “said that”,
While others are “justifying” their actions in the name of this and that..(?),
And regardless of what truly went down,
What just may have been the important truths,
In the original messages,

Was it trying to truly cultivate love and understanding for our neighbors and enemies or keep beating their ass along their path to finding the light..?

What do I really know that’s “right”?

I guess there’s just different paths we may choose to take to “find the light”,
And I feel that’s alright (or “just fine” but that doesn’t rhyme..),
Yet how can someone claim to “know the answer”,
Isn’t there always something beyond the walls of whatever we know..(?),
Yet how can I also claim to “know”?
Yuh know..?

Maybe what often feels helpful for some,
May often feel toxic for others..?
And well..,
I feel I just have to remember to keep my head up,
And never give up,
At finding and sustaining the strength to honestly speak up,

And I of course feel we’re never perfect and can always do “better”..,
Maybe (for example) most others have had unique experiences that they’ve involuntarily reacted to in unique ways causing them to disagree with what I feel to see in all sorts of understandable YET painfully provocative ways..(?),

Yet for me,
To keep trying to speak openly and truthfully,
To speak based on what I feel to see as opposed to what others may expect of me,
I’d say that,
Punishment and/or fear of it,
Shuts me down,
Damages and does NOT teach me,
Yet that’s just me..,

Speaking based on effects I feel punishment has had on me,
It increased chances of me going back into my shell,
It filled me with more toxic energy,
That did NOT help me understand clearly,
It just,
Helped me “obey” unconsciously,

And even if in certain instances that’s “all we can do”,
Moving forward,
Is there just,
More we can do..(?),

For ourselves,
And/or however feels a need to be understood and/or simply acknowledged deeper..(?),

And well..,
Since I can NOT count on others understanding NOR getting them to try to,
Including those I’ll interact with online who I’ll most likely never get to know more deeply..,

And since I can NOT control others’ points of view who I may feel forced to work with and for which they may also force upon me to some degree..(?),

I guess..(?),
With practice,
I may suck less and less,
On returning to that inner peaceful stillness,
That may keep me strong,
Balanced and centered,
Even while at the center of whatever I hate being at yet feel a need to continue being with in order to fulfill my responsibilities,

I guess the MORE I sustain inner peace,
The LESS likely I am to commit crime to get attention or because of whatever “justification”,
The more I rediscover and sustain inner peace,
The more I just may not try to fight those more powerful toxic energy currents from others and/or that pass through myself..,
The more likely I’ll become an independent good citizen and fulfill my own and other’s reasonable expectations..,



Even though this may just often feel so much easier “said than done”,
I guess with practice,
Among any forms of seemingly unavoidable external craziness,
That I may find myself in,
I guess I can always remember,
To at least somewhat return to,
Inner peaceful,



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