Wrong Person, Wrong Time

I feel that:

It’s felt hard,
Feeling that certain individuals who I may deeply want to understand,
Just will NOT,

It’s felt hard,
Not feeling like I’m allowed to be honest,
In order for my own safety,

Because yeah,
Some people who may bully me,
Are always a danger,

And even if they “understand” rationally,
Even if they may be highly articulate,
Even if they know how to dress and “make that money”,

It could still put my life on the line,
If I try to open up to them,

And honestly,
I struggle to communicate myself honestly,
And I struggle to let stuff go,
Nor prevent it from building within me,

I feel I,
Just gotta NOT try to block out what I can NOT stop from internally building,
Hence by developing peaceful acceptance by witnessing my breathing including the intense thoughts and emotions that pass,
That just may (I hope),
Most likely,
Help me the most,

And as for NOT losing it,
And trying to communicate myself,
To someone with so much more power,
And who will NEVER,
NOR ever be open to empathetically understanding..,
As for whatever intense emotions that may become triggered or sparked within me,

May I,
Keep trying to peacefully witness them as they pass,
INSTEAD of losing a battle to them,
INSTEAD of letting them unconsciously control me,
Which may narrow my survival awareness horrifically..(!?),

May more inner clear peacefulness,
Broaden and clear,
My survival awareness,

And may it feel easier through a compatible practice,



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