Just letting it Pass

I feel that:

I just,
Must NOT keep showing more red flags in a game I’m destined to lose bad enough already,

I just,
Must NOT seek an apology from those who may confidently feel they “haven’t done shit to me”,

I just,
Happen to emotionally react intensely,
And more aggressive criticism does NOT help me sleep more soundly..,

And I just,
Really feel I must,
Find a way to use certain types of inner sensitivity,
In more ways that actually ethically serve me (among whoever else),
UNlike certain others I’ve encountered, UNfortunately,

I just,
Feel I must,
NOT open up to those with FAR more external power than me,
Who will never ever understand in a way that feels to help me feel better internally,

I just,
Feel I must,
Find a way to remain productive,
Among all the inevitable negativity..,

I feel I must,
Remember to notice my natural inhale and exhalations,
Among whichever other inner sensations,
Sufficiently consistently,

And well,
I just can NOT stop anyone from being nasty to me,
Which I also feel INCLUDES those “on the spectrum” the “same as me”..,

I just can NOT change how others,
Continue to judge me surfacely..,
Even if it’s similar to some evildoer from some movie,

May the toxic judgmental energy NOT blindly trigger me in ways that worsen how I feel stuff to often already feel presently..,

I just feel I can NOT stop others from giving constant UNasked for and UNhelpful advice,

I just can NOT force others to be honest and kind at the same time..,

I just..,
Feel I must,
Continue to try,
Just witnessing,
The energy,
Pass through me,
INSTEAD of wasting energy,
By trying to fight an inner current,
That may always pass through me..,


May practice help


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