What else..?

“Crunch I had it for brunch”,
What the fuck does that even mean..(?),

God damn,

What else must I “cite”,
What else am I “NOT allowed to say”,

May FREEDOM OF SPEECH carry on another day,

Here, here’s my fucking creative citation:
(Source: Song: “Munch”, Artist: “Ice Spice”, Release date: Sometime in 2023.. (YouTube).. URL: https://youtu.be/yF-NC3eRsqc, dammit..),

NOT like the quiet socially excluded loner is (always) “most successful”..,

And I know this is my “beer muscles” talking..(?),

Going to that “SUNY” school..,
Has NOT felt compatible,

To be real,
I do NOT like feeling excluded,

I do NOT like “NOT being allowed to say”,
Certain socially inclusive endearment terms,
That have been,
Rubbed in my face (like) EVERY DAY..,

What else am I EXCLUDED from!!!!?

What else!!!!!?

What else!!?

What else do YOU want to judge me for based on my “physical appearance”..,

Ohhhh man..,

I feel,
It’s just NOT cool..

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