And then They’ll Say

Many people may say,
“Be honest”,
And then they’ll say,
“You’re an ass”,

Many people may say,
“Be yourself”,
And then they’ll say,
“Stop embarrassing yourself”,

Many people may say,
“Write truthfully”,
And then they’ll ask aggressively,
“Are you referring to me!?”
(Or “us!?”..),

Many people may say,
“You can tell me anything”,
And then they’ll say,
“No one cares”,

So much for their “help”..,

And then,
When they have lost all energy,

I’ll return to my mom,
Among whichever few,
Who’s always there for me,

Yeah I know..,
I struggle to be independent evidently..,
And of course,
Most others may once again view me as “lazy”..,

I am glad,
That those like my mom,
Have more strength for LONGER empathy

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