For Keeping me Safe

So what does occur behind closed-doors of “assisted” treatment..(?),
Assistance with FORCED treatment..(?),
How are chemicals being played with..?
I wonder..?

Thank you mom for being there for me,
Thank you for knowing who to contact,
In order to keep me safe from another stigmatized label,
As a result of me hitting a breaking point,
After others (once again) were getting pissed at me failing to inner peacefully socially balance along with my awkward place in the group,

Thank you for NOT becoming empathetically fatigued as easily,
Thank you for spotting when stuff was TRULY an emergency,
Thank you for having the strength to support me emotionally as well as financially,
(Among others..),

I want to thank those who knew how to balance my needs,
INSTEAD of summing it by saying (however implicitly and/or explicitly),
“Oh he’s chemically imbalanced don’t invite him”,

I want to thank those who knew what truly was a “red flag”,
I want to thank those who KNEW how to keep me safe from what’ve made stuff worse,

Thank you mom,
For keeping well,
In order to NOT make stuff worse,

Happy Mother’s Day,
Thank you for helping me through another day

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