Happy Mother’s Day

Mom thanks again,
And even though you’re not on this platform,
Once again,
I additionally want to share,
How thankful I feel to be,
For you strongly,
Patiently and truly compassionately,
helping me through each day,
To this day,

Although many others may be faster,
Although many others for whichever valid personal reasons may be elsewhere,
Thank you for being here,
And thank you for being among the few,
Who will show up,
And keep sticking with me,
Even when I constantly mess up..,


Some may feel I “need” another mean-spirited lecture,

Unlike several interpretations I’ve felt to have of others,
Unlike how I have felt many others just may have additionally impacted me emotionally,
Including (what I feel as) additional emotional internal weighing effects of being hard on myself constantly,

I’m grateful,
For what I often feel to consider as,
Your more peaceful energy,
That I feel has and continues to tremendously help me through what I felt as painful obstacles,

Maybe most of society may prefer me to shut up on heavy and heavier medication..(?),
Of course I may kill the vibe at the next social function..(?),
And then of course I may often fail to sufficiently fulfill various suggestions..(?),

No matter how often I’d eradicate the peaceful vibe,
Thank you mom,
For staying incredibly strong,
By remaining peaceful,
In addition to all else you may(?) have emotionally been carrying inside,

Thank you mom,
For sustaining the energy,
For offering,
And continuing to offer,
What I often feel to see,
As real,
To a profoundly developed degree,

Happy Mother’s Day,
May it feel easier along the way,
Thanks as always for helping me survive another day,

Love you

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