Random Thoughts

I guess the LESS I successfully sustain attention,
The MORE I cause frustration,
Increasing the chances of social rejection,
Increasing the chances of being more alone within my thoughts,
Increasing the chances of solidifying judgments of others who I know less and less..,

Increasing the chances of becoming more socially UNaware,
Increasing the chances of giving off more emotionally dysregulated “vibes”..,

Increasing the chances of feeling a need to “get back”,
Increasing the chances of acting on those thoughts,
Increasing the chances of receiving more pain,
Stigmatized labels and more punishment than ever..,

And of course,
My increasingly (internally and externally) isolated increasing narcissistic victim mentality may NEVER expect others to understand,

Yet maybe that insatiable ego force (within me) insatiably seeks attention,
Including infinitely (unconsciously) narcissistically analyzing narcissism,


And maybe the level of narcissism in me just tried analyzing narcissism right now ?

I don’t “know”..(?),
Or “do I”..?

And well,
I feel that,
Oh yes,
It’s NOT just me,
Who has some level of narcissism within,
And who really is “free of narcissism” completely..(?),

I feel that BALANCE,
Once again,
May HELP..?



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