More Dialogue

Person #1: It’s just a joke!
Person #2: Doesn’t sound like it..
Person #1: If you take everything personally you won’t be able to function.
Person #2: If you exclaim the words “fucking dunce” at me I’m likely going to take it personally.
Person #1: I didn’t mean it like that!!
Person #2: Sure..
Person #1: You really need to stop getting butthurt by everything!
Person #2: I’m just so much more polite to you.
Person #1: You make others not wanna be around you because you’re too sensitive!
Person #2: You’re such a great friend.
Person #1: Just don’t act stupid and I won’t call you a dunce.
Person #2: You meant it..
Person #1: So what dude, like there’s bigger problems to focus on..
Person #2: And how is calling each other a “dunce” going to help with teamwork?
Person #1: Shut up!
Person #2: What a surprise..

Person #1: When we’re tryna chill you act crazy.
Person #2: Damn, you’re going to use those few moments against me.. wow..
Person #1: It’s not our responsibility to keep you stable.
Person #2: Yet being an asshole about it isn’t going to help calm me down.
Person #1: Just act like a normal person alright!?
Person #2: Just don’t be an asshole alright?

Person #1 punches Person #2 who just takes it..

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