I’m now 28,
And (I feel I) must sustain (if not “first access”) my ability to clearly communicate,
To advocate,
To open to whoever (also) may be just trying to empathetically relate..(?),
And if reading this feels to be helping..(?),
(And to continue rhyming..),
Then I guess that’s great!!?

And as for some additional stuff about me,
Well (for example),
If I appear “lazy”,
I feel that it does NOT (usually (if at all)) mean I’m at “peace” NOR “happy” internally,
There just could be something weighing within me,
And depleting my energy,
Such as frustration with failing to let go of all the “shit others did to me”,
In addition to continually feeling “misunderstood” and emotionally dismissed repeatedly,
And/or however feeling constantly judged INcorrectly,
And/or socially EXCLUDED ongoingly,

And well,
Since we may just NOT have the time,
To empathetically understand each other sufficiently clearly,
As for whatever emotions may continually arise within me,
May I just practice witnessing them as they pass,
Instead of getting more blinded by them and (as a result) coming across as another UNhinged ass,

May I once again,
Remember to practice,
And noticing,
During moments when the emotional intensity passes through me,
And therefore,
REDUCING chances,
Of becoming increasingly unconsciously blinded by the emotional intensity,

May I practice witnessing the emotional current,
Instead of drowning within it,
May I have the ability to distinguish my awareness from my thoughts and emotions,

May I notice,
My inhale,
Inner expansions and contractions,
And/or (whichever) inner sensations that pass through me,
Therefore (hopefully) continually (overall) expanding my inner awareness,
Beyond my inner intense thoughts and emotions,
Which may continue to become internally sparked,
By negative narrow judgments others may continue to (however implicitly and/or explicitly) direct towards me,
(INCLUDING those with some degree of direct power over me),



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