My writing goal(s),
Will (unfortunately) focus more on number of posts,
Instead of the quality of the post,

And well,
I feel that,
The MORE I focus on numbers,
The LESS I focus on what I’m actually writing,

Same with learning,
The MORE I focus on numbers,
The LESS likely I will focus and honor,
Anything my teachers may have to offer,
That just may tremendously help me,
As I continue along my present life journey,

I guess,
Scoring high on a test,
Is worth nothing,
If I’m going to forget everything I learned,
How I “learned how to learn”,
(in the most ethical way(s) possible),
(Which (also) helped me work for the grade I just happened to “earn”..),

And well,
It seems to me that,
The MORE teachers are forced,
To emphasize the “importance” of scoring high numbers,
(Or the MORE teachers become evaluated based on test scores..),
The LESS emphasis there just may be,
On sustaining lessons worth remembering,
Since achieving high numbers will become more distracting,

Just saying,

Of course (I feel that) we all may need to be evaluated,
To a certain degree,
Yet when we evaluate (ourselves and/or others) EXCESSIVELY..,
When MORE of our focus becomes on numbers,
The LESS our focus becomes,
On what we’re actually LEARNING to (also) “achieve those numbers”,
Which just may be,
More important,
Than the numbers,

And in general,
I guess it’s always worth asking,
What are we really learning ?

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