I feel that for example:

My VICTIM mindset says:
“Even though certain people may work longer hours, have far more stressful and high-pressured jobs, experience more physically life threatening conditions,
Well.. maybe they have more friends,
Deeper social connections,
More meaningful and inclusive social interaction while I’m largely back in isolation after failing once again to take more jokes thrown at me (to a greater degree) and failure to ‘keep up with’ everybody for reasons such as socially stigmatized labels additionally damaging foundational inner confidence development, and even the “like-minded” groups also exclude me so I’m entitled to work less (and everyone who I worked with and for hated me and made stuff harder for me) so the super-rich owe me..”,

My CRITICAL mindset says:
“Learn to take jokes,
If you screw up more you’ll get punished more,
It’s not all about you,
Stop calling what you need to hear ‘verbal abuse’,
Others have certain stuff they’re dealing with that you’re lucky to NOT have,
Stop whining,
Stop looking to blame others for shit you done to yourself,
Get your shit together you fucking pussy”,

My “OBJECTIVE” mindset says:
“Let the thoughts pass by as they always do,
Don’t waste energy trying to sort stuff out that you don’t need to,
Focus on your naturally occurring breathing and inner body sensations,
Just relax”,


And my deeper beingness does not say anything I can put into words,
(In my belief..),
It’s just there infinitely beyond what words can describe

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