I don’t know

My name is Panic Attack Zach, Who will never learn to take a “joke”, Can’t help being an insecure, non-self-sustaining coward, and wack,

I have to be PC because of my progressive beliefs, vulnerability to paranoia and OCD, Fuck those who oppress me, Especially Mr. Scumbag OCD,

I’m slow at seeing the big picture and what most people have to offer is fear, anger, shame, blame, frustration, irritation, confusion and laughter,

I’m autistic and calling me names such as “weird”, “stupid”, and “slow”, is a low blow, I hope that most can know, I struggle to handle my inner reactions to what hurts me, Being me they can’t totally though, and vice versa..

I don’t know..

Although I’m Panic Attack Zach, I’ve been bullied too much, So if critics give me hurtful, sadistic feedback, they can do as the saying says: SUCK MY DICK FROM THE BACK!!

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