Be a Man they Said

Be a man they said,

Your pants are too low, You pants are too high, Don’t try to show off your muscles! Be humble! Be approachable! Don’t be a wussy! Women want a warrior! Women are vulnerable! Women can’t protect themselves!Look strong! Look big! Don’t be an ass!

You want trouble!?

Wear a tie! Wear dress shoes! You’re too flamboyant! You look gay! You look like a clown! Where’s your style!? Where’s your swag!?

Be a Man they said,

Don’t be too muscular, Don’t be too weak! Don’t be too out of shape! Bulk up! Cut!!
Stop working out so much!! You’re so OCD!!

Eat protein!! Don’t be a vegan! Don’t eat McDonalds! Have a nutrition regimen! You look like a shrimp! Why don’t you work out!?

Be aesthetic. Be confident! Be the leader! Be alpha! Be a boss! Be the king! You Goddamn beta cuck.. You good for nothing piece of shit.

Be a man they said.

Go out for sports! Get straight As! Achieve this! Achieve that! YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

Never cry! Stay centered! Avoid trouble! Always fight! Look tough! Be courageous! Face your fears!! Relax.. Man just chill! You look anxious, You don’t need to hide your feelings from her. Sensitivity turns women off. Don’t be a WUSSY, Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Pay attention next time!! Use your words, I’ll fuck you up!! Where u at KID!!?

Be a man they said! Be strong! Look cut! Look proud! Make money! Get out of your mom’s house! Help the family! Don’t be too in your feelings! Be true to yourself! Don’t be a weirdo! Eat, Sleep, Workout, Study!!! Why don’t you just MAN UP YOU FUCKING DUNCE!!? FUCKING CRY BABY!!

Be a man they said.

Your suit looks weird! Get a haircut! Don’t be a skinhead! That hair looks girly! You’re a SOY BOY!! You need therapy!! Look grown up! Don’t be gentle! You want pussy or not!? You’re quieter than a mouse. Woman want confidence. Be comfortable in you’re own skin. Just chill bruh, What the fuck is your deal!? No need to be hard on yourself. YOU NEED TO BE HARDER ON YOURSELF!!!!!

Be a man they said. Save money, Buy that car! You better buy her what she wants!Don’t objectify women! Only go for the 10s! Don’t be a douchebag! “Nice guys finish last”! You gotta have swag bro.

Be a man they said.. Don’t be too quiet!
Don’t talk back to THE MAN, Follow orders, Just do what he says!! Why are you sad!? Where’s your LOYALTY, Don’t be a wise-ass! Don’t be a pushover! Don’t be a SNITCH. Have loyalty!! You’re too sensitive! Stop being a little bitch! Stop crying! Don’t make me beat your ass again!! You deserved it.

Be a man they said.

Don’t get angry! Don’t complain! Don’t curse! Don’t overthink! Push your thinking ability! “No pain, no gain!!” Don’t be a sucker. You’ll be rewarded in heaven. Be in the moment. Focus on your future. What’s your life blueprint? “IF YOU WANNA SUCEED, YOU GOTTA WANT TO SUCEED AS BAD AS YOU WANT TO BREATHE!!”

Be a man they said.

Put yourself first! Keep her entertained! That’s a man’s job. You’ll make a great husband someday! Let her take care of the kids! She’s making the money? Fucking liberal!! Fucking fascist!!

Question authority, Join the military, Be loyal!! Be true to yourself, Praise God, Believe in democracy, You don’t support your leader!!? Who’d you tell!!?

Be a man they said!

Don’t be a virgin! Don’t come on too strong! Don’t give into peer pressure! Drink Pussy!! Chug!!!!! Why’d you tell your mom!!? Don’t be a bully! Why can’t you just take a joke!!? Don’t be a sucker. Don’t be a quitter. “Everything we do is for a reason”.

Be a man they said.

Don’t be a creep! Always chase the pussy! Don’t trust anyone! Remember loyalty!! Do what the boss says! You ain’t a team player! Mind your own fucking business!!

Support freedom of thought. You don’t believe in God!!!? God is a MAN!!

Stop fucking repeating yourself!! Stop cursing so much!! You anxious you fucking pussy!!?

Follow orders, Do what the boss says! Never question tradition! Express yourself! CUT YOUR HAIR YOUNG MAN!!!

You think you’re a victim? Always blaming someone else? You goddamn lazy Communist!! Fucking evil fuck!! You’re Hitler!! Satan! You need discipline! You need to be more independent! You’re too soft! We’re capitalists! We always make choices. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. Don’t just think of yourself, Only focus on yourself, Money is everything! Greed is a sin, “Greed is good”, Help those in need, “Only the strong survive”, Don’t be arrogant, I made it and you didn’t, Be humble, I worked hard and you haven’t, Don’t be judgmental, Don’t just label, You’re a failure!! You’re a loser!! You belong in the LOONY BIN,

Watch out for gaslighting, Be a man!! WRONG!! Stop whining!! Be compassionate, Watch out for EVIL, You want respect? You have to earn it!

I’m done listening, Man up, GET IN LINE,

Don’t do drugs, Take your medication!!

Be a man they said.

(Inspired by the video/poem/commercial “Be a lady they said”)

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