Another poem..

I’m quieter than a mouse at social places like Yard House, don’t want high-school drama so I don’t leave the house, when everyone was partying I was seeing a therapist thanks to them bullying and excluding me which exacerbated by autistic emotional sensitivity, I’m pissed.. I got another nasty look from a stranger today, I wish it wasn’t this way,

Yeah I know I’m posting poems like crazy..

But everyday, more cruelness just comes my fucking way,

Seems to be the covid way.. maybe people will wake up one day, since this doesn’t feel close to okay.. and to specify since I always assume I’m being criticized.. I’m referring to FAR LESS THAN OKAY

Since we’re social beings, if you struggle being social, you’ll struggle attaining and maintaining fitness for survival,

too often I feel that opinion..

Another nasty look

Another nasty look

Another nasty look

I try to be a pacifist, I try to be a pacifist.. don’t keep scaring me.. don’t keep scaring me..

When I’m too scared I don’t think rationally

I easily get angry at what I’m afraid of and we can’t make peace with angry energy.. if you think about it mathematically

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