Pressure Level Preference

Words are quality over quantity, since their intention is to express thoughts and feelings clearly, speaking for me..

as I write this presently.. I also hope excessive pressure doesn’t take me out of the present while pursuing a goal..

May we be free from a painful hole, May we cultivate self-control, even if we’re locked in a cage with sadistic beings, whose suffering causes us suffering,

May we always cultivate peace within, In whatever external environment we’re presently inevitably in,

I can take steps to feel a feeling but can’t force it, the choices just happen without choosing, decisions naturally happen without deciding, I hope that adequately describes it, hopefully we adequately balance work and resting, to fill life with meaning, in the present, in which I feel life is happening…

Predisposed emotional sensitivity makes me more vulnerable to pressure, expectation, fear, insecurity, OCD, out of balance somatically attacking panic (if that made sense..)

I try taking it “day by day”, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second, present by present..

I’m just trying to be grateful for more of it.. which feels like good commitment.. but why label it.. ? huhhhh..

I just prefer less pressure, which I hope makes me feel better.. since words are quality over quantity, to be realistic, I hope it’s tolerable, if I’m not always prolific

I hope for increasing goodness without pressure of requirement,

Goals of appreciating more presence

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