Safe Space

This is my safe space, Please be in a compassionate rational inner place, What you say, If not now, Has an effect,

I try my best to live in alignment with peace, But if you push me when I’m not inwardly at peace, Don’t expect me to sustain behavioral peace,

I struggle retaining social information and keeping up on the same paying attention page, So don’t use it against me, Please!! If I break, I don’t always trust how mainstream institutions will help me, Since, I haven’t often felt successful at conscious cultivation for inner emotional self-control,


There’s a level of truth in my label, But I don’t want it to get out of balance for me internally especially,

So if you want to comment some spontaneous scumbag BULLSHIT, Please re-read it,

And to anyone, Don’t isolate and pigeonhole or label or categorize me dismissively, Since I been in brutally dark holes already, “Speaking for myself”, OBVIOUSLY

I want that inner clarity to listen and pay attention more clearly, I’m easily clouded due to high emotional reactivity, which may cause intensity that I may fail to sufficiently clear or let go of properly, but will instead suppress and explode eventually causing me to get in life threatening trouble obviously..

I want that inner clarity to listen and pay attention more clearly, I’m easily clouded due to high level inner emotional reactivity so please don’t hurt me..

I don’t want anger to delude me, I don’t want to get triggered, react then regret..

I know most don’t have this privilege to write this much if at all, I’m trying my best..


Aside from this space, I still haven’t settled in an “ethical” self-sustaining safe space, According to this culture, Since I’m in my mid-twenties and never left my mom’s place,

So if you want to comment, since comments are now open, please, be in a helpful inner place, It may help this place, Unlike that YouTube comment I got that said “Go back to your safe space soy boy”..

I hope for a safe inner space, and be safe in a safe external place

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