Do You See?

I feel like my poems are too irrelevant..


Actually.. I usually feel that I’m not supposed to talk about anything serious, Since most seem to be looking for creativity that’s escapist, What’s the effect if we always do this? Maybe most won’t be able to understand this..?

If I’m in need will enough others truly heed? I forgot to mention in my previous posted poem about paying attention that, Vulnerability to emotional sensitivity may initially make me react unconsciously impulsively to cover up emotional difficulty internally such as getting sucked into addictions from the external that are physically destructive towards me..

And if practicing self-control is not cultural, How can I feel safely certain that most others will properly assist me out of a brutal dark emotional hole?

If my lack of impulse control goes unchecked.. And if I then become diabetic and can’t afford insulin, Due to insurance companies seeking excessive external gratification by large premiums instead of also consciously healing their own suppressed emotional reaction within, Well.. Maybe I’ll die.. ?

And as for psychiatrics, they’ll say I need something due to closed-minded research fabrication, since many accept the convenient cultural awareness limitations of the institutions who promote excessive medication, They say we think it’s “this” with dismissal of openness.. to historic traumatic experience.. They just say “chemical imbalance”..

Yes.. you can research this to find exact details of this.. 

But what if furthering our development, societal structure, spirit, moral and intellectual capability became a truly conscious mentality?


What new possibility!!? How would we realize we were limiting ourselves initially!!?

Do you see? I ask that compassionately, not sarcastically..

But this just feels important to me

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