Whatever I’m in

My motivation for getting my shit together is to feel better, Although we may not be getting our shit together, Together, It’s still possible,

My ego wants me to be a winner, But it’s goals are NOT getting my shit together, I can’t spend my whole life filming juggling videos, Especially since I don’t want to,

That old hobby is gone, It’s time I move on, By getting my shit together, Such as posting to my blog, Aside from obtaining a long term job,

Even if I’m considered a “loser” for giving up my ego goals, It doesn’t matter, Since my goal is to enjoy the present moment in which life happens, Which is my truth,

If I’m not in alignment with my truth, My life will feel wasteful,

If I have a goal, On the path, I must stay present, If not, with my truth I’ll be out of alignment, And my life won’t feel nearly as worth it,

It’s okay if our life doesn’t feel worth it, We can always feel more present worth in the present moment, If we do it or not, Decisions are just occuring for whatever reasons, And.. There’s truthfully no judgment, And in my opinion, Infinite truth just is, And does not judge, There’s always infinitely more beyond any wall of judgment.. Based on my present discernment,

However, the courage I need, Is to, Reduce my ego, Since I know, Being present without ego distracting pressure is the way to be in any direction or aspiration I choose to continually follow,

And the “ego” hasn’t been in my best self-interests regardless, I try and my ability remains far less, Regardless, The moment is what I feel I must focus on.. To clear my insecure egoic inner distraction, To make way for my best present capability in any direction, To experience the most fulfillment out of life that I can,

The less expectation, The more my ego expectation can expect, Since inner expectation pressure, Will not be there to inhibit my ability from becoming better,

But my ego won’t know this since it won’t be there in that moment,

The more I keep my ego, The more I limit myself, The more I let go of my ego, The more I free myself,

And if we get our shit together, Together, We’ll more likely feel better, Since in the effort, We’ll be supporting each other..

If we let go of the ego, The individual and collective exclusive ego, We’ll connect more,

And yes, Many don’t seem to be doing this.. But no matter who is, whose not, And even if we practice alone, Well, We can do this, We can open ourselves to any possibility of a better experience,

I really need to keep telling myself this, To get through whatever I’m in, And I must remember that.. Wherever I’m at, No matter how horrific or brutal or painful the location is that I’m in, I can protect myself the best I presently can, by “checking in” to how I’m experiencing within

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