Speaking to My Fearful Manic Imagination

The stronger we direct our attention to one particular point, aspect, etc, The less self-control we have due to our narrowed vision, That’s why seeing the BIG PICTURE, Seems crucial for developing empathy and finding the “bad guy” without torture.. and since torturing an innocent person may make them say they’re “guilty” since they never want to go through torture.. But if the torturer lacks empathy so, so much.. with that narrowed attention, the torturer may remember (his/her/their) own emotion, But.. since there’s no logical empathy present due to narrowed attention dominating their attention, They’ll lack emotion for only themselves and no one else, or I guess whoever the “bad” guy is..

However if, whoever it is does not understand this particular big picture, We must protect ourselves from their possible danger..

So much fear.. Too much fear.. Huh.. Just pass, Please pass, So I can get some rest, It doesn’t have to be the best.. And may there be some jest, With needed precision on any needed test, Yes.. Yes,

I’m innocent and trying to give forth, Huh.. I greatly fear misjudgment, I need to better memorize the amendments, I really need to do that,

Yes, Yes ..

If people film their insights and try to make money off it that seems far less than alright but don’t get too tight and/or navigate in fright because pleasure buys gilt?

Is it choice a.) b.) or c.)

Speaking to myself, what we choose to focus our attention on affects us and others later on .. I mean come on..

And speaking to myself, TAKE A JOKE!!

Uhhh.. I’m speaking to myself, for myself, for my betterment to try to help others.. This I guess is one step in doing that ?

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