99.999 percent

I’m fatigued at building empathy which I was told I “do not have” by the prescribed obsessive “compulsive” (thank you autocorrect..) labeled commentators.. My innate ADD has been interrupted too frequently, Adding to my innate higher level anxiety,

It’s not just about me but the sarcasm too, When I write others will judge I have too much mental “free” time as I do,

But how am I going to stay safe from the other unconscious hypersensitive egotists..? 

What type of hair cut, hat.. What should I wear and when..?What should I drive.. How do you know that it’s my fault if I fail to survive..? I’ve done good enough to arrive.. And where does it mean to arrive??

Holy shit.. I’m just trying to stay fit, For my safest possible career instead of being an idiot..

But it’s not my fault who makes assumptions.. It wasn’t me who chose their unlearned ability to stay safe..?

And before I can help.. I need to better understand.. How they’re more “normal”, So I can speed up my information processing speed, At a speed that is,


If you already guessed that to be the title.. Then your patience, judgments and assumptions might be..

99.99999 percent perfect,

However, If you’re looking to try to blame anyone, If you’re trying to assume anything about anyone or group, Just so you know.. Karma might just be watching, ?

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