I can either heal my trauma, learn and prepare for more potentially equally or greater traumatic experiences, or stay in my victim mentality.. As of now, that just seems to be my slowly cultivated attention span conclusion.. I don’t believe that to be a deliberately collectively cultivated tribalistic illusion.. just from unintentional environmental effects that I (and I guess “we” (as in every sentient being if not just humans.. (I think?))), Shaped all aspects of any of our(s) experiential actuality ?

Huh.. I’m up too late once again.. mania is slowed somewhat I think..? whatever.. Not sure if and when I’ll post later.. However I’m and we’re always here together..

Sorry for preaching.. Oh course I’m still repeating to reinforce.. As for whatever emotion that may cause me to make others assume I’m “dangerous”.. I just still need to tell myself once again.. To find and stay aware of my healing source..

Okay enough preaching to myself.. 👍

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