Crisis Creation

My mental health crisis is NOT a time of restriction, My crisis is not a time of forcedly prescribed zombification,

Moderation, Moderation,

My crisis is NOT a time of brutal traumatic “justification”,

Instead, I can channel a “crisis”, Into peaceful creation,

If at work, or.. Doing something “artistic”..

Point is that in my belief as of now.. 

Wherever my crisis and me are located, Me and my crisis can become peacefully acclimated,

While remaining focused and peacefully adjusting.. In my present belief, Not depriving rights to those in a crisis, Must, Be a cultivated, peaceful, step by step, precision by precision, Infinite, Peaceful, Awakening, Process,

No I’m not always sufficient at this, However,

Just thought.. I’d.. Share however I am now, Aware, unaware,

And wherever,

Yes.. my ego wants clout, But please give me, Proper awareness for a true, “Benefit of the doubt”

However, aside from how I was challenged and struggle, I’ll always be held responsible

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