Behind my Back

They said a lot to my face,
I wonder what they say behind my back..?

“Man, that kid is too sensitive..
Zach rhymes with panic attack,
major fucking lack..”

“He can’t take a joke,
He’s always in his victim mentality,
He only thinks of himself constantly”,

“We try to help him but he never tries himself”,

“Yeah man!
He just looks to blame everyone else!”

“He makes me uncomfortable,
forget being humble,
We know if he doesn’t man up his life will get brutal!”

“The kid can talk, barely tries to walk”,

“If he did more of what he said he’d be less stupid,”

“If he did more of what he likes to say he’d struggle less each day!!”


“AHH!! It’s Zach!! He’s back!!”

“Think he heard us?”

“Nah.. and if he did, like he’d have a comeback..”

“So wack..”

“He’s so WEIRD RIIIGHT!!?”

“He thinks we’re bullies but we’re just being honest!!?”
“He assumes we shittalk him but we’re real with him”,
“I can’t stand him and his autism!!”


As for some of what they say,
That sounds possibly,
exactly right..


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