Continuing Through This

The more I feed irrational obsessive compulsive insecure attention,
The less I function rationally,
Which is crucial to remember,
Since I make this decision,

Where do I want to put my attention?
What are the outcomes for myself and others for each of my decisions?

I must always remember these questions,
Since they pertain to my daily present awareness functioning,

I’m aware that once again,
Over this past year,
I’ve been mostly driven by the side of me that has been damaged, exacerbated, made heavily unaware and insecure,

However I remember,
As of right now,

I can choose to put my attention in what I feel is the most proper direction to obtain and maintain needed power to embody good morals and appreciative life experience,

Although my ego clinging temptations may still be in the background,
I can STILL,
Put my attention to the best of my ability in a rational direction,
Which is the best I can do to experience the best experience I can possibly presently experience,

I wish for infinite improving experience,
Since I still feel inadequately satisfied,
I just thought I’d also write this..

I’m just still trying to make it through this

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