Slowing Down

My thinking keeps getting provoked,

Such as.. I’ll read something, converse with someone, have a bad experience with whoever.. Or whatever it could be,

It’s okay if I don’t obsessively write everything down,

I’m trying to slow down,
Overthinking wears me down,

I want to just relax,
Let more thoughts pass,
So I can have less counterproductive pressure,
And feel better,
In life..

I can learn infinitely new truths that may expand in infinite directions, I’d guess,


I would think clearer,
If I did not think in excess,
I would guess..?
Hence the word “excess”..

As for focusing on greater detail,
To discover more of what would entail,
A better experience,
I think that I need to think less,
So my awareness will have more room to appreciate more of what I have to experience,

I’ll be less focused on thought,
And hopefully I’ll experience more self-improving, cleansing,

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