Doing What I Want

When I don’t know what to do with my life I often feel advised to just “do what I want”,


If everyone just “did what they want”,
Would there be enough peace and stability?

As long as we’re in touch with that,
I would guess our true good nature wants that?
Since our nature is to always experience life better,
So who wouldn’t want that?

If everyone just did what they want,
Would there be enough needed jobs to sustain society and to get everyone enough resources?
Well since we’re doing what we want,
We definitely WANT our needs to be met,
So should “doing what we want” really be interpreted as a huge civilized threat ?

I’d guess that, We all WANT the best life possible,
We all TRY to do what we believe we should,
We all TRY to do what we feel for ourselves in the present that we feel is most practical,

As for wanting to be social,
For me,
The best rule book is,
And really for learning to do anything,
Speaking for myself,
The best teaching is,

What is most practical?

So doing whatever we want,
May help us do what is most PRACTICAL,
Since if we’re not practical,
How can we TRULY do and experience life the best way we want ?

So yes,
I’m doing my best to do what I want,

Don’t we want the best, healthiest, longest lasting peace and happiness?

Wouldn’t we rather do what we struggle with now so we don’t struggle more later,
Who would want to struggle more?

Who would want that?

So yes,
We could just do what we want,

I would logically guess


But do we always TRULY do what we TRULY want 


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