Making the best of This

Since being very aware,

Seems to cause a lot to internally bare,

And since clearing it, to get through the day, Has never felt to have been an easy way, I must stay AWAY, From temptation, To block out inner pain and frustration that’ll ultimately lead to more physical destruction,

Although aware of the harmful effects of abusing any social or prescribed medication, The more I give in, The stronger the temptation,

Hence, I just have to stay away,

Although it may not be easy, I will still have a better opportunity to get more good experience out of life, Since in every moment I’ll be trying to develop that experience,

Yes.. Although there’s no ultimate guarantee, I just must stay away from what will destroy me since feeling a need to block out so much inner past and present discomfort makes me very susceptible,

Hence I need to remain mindful, Or aware, Of how to respond to a lot of awareness so I can make the best of this

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