Being Me

If you’re a hater,
Please don’t get offended since I’m speaking for myself,
Since I’m utilizing my right to free expression which I’m also entitled to,
Same as you,


Why would I try to be “GANGSTER”!!?
Why would I “try to be some other POPSTAR!?”
Why would I “try to be someone” who I don’t most NEED to be!!?
Why would I try to embody some way of life I KNOW WILL AT SOME POINT BE EXCESSIVELY HARMFUL OR DANGEROUS FOR ME!!!!?

Of course,
Why on earth would I rationally choose to make my life WORSE!!?

I’m grateful I have a lot to lose,
So I don’t decide to throw my healthy awareness away in booze,
Or however I destructively choose,

I try to find the best environment and be the person that is best for who I truly am,
So please stop with these assumptions,
Please stop with all this hate, aggression, and hostility,

Since in my belief,

I’m still searching for attaining and sustaining better, healthier energy,
To fill in me,
To help myself and those around me,
To the best of my present ability

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