Breaking me Down, Building me Up

I know I didn’t do what I said in my last post,
Since already,
Here’s another post,


If I can’t control what I post online,
I hope that technological innovation helps to protect my reputation,
all the time,

That being said..

How is beating me up and verbally abusing me going to cleary,
“break me down”, to “build me up”?

How will I “see the light” if I’m filled with more forms of pain, paranoia and darkness?
How will I “open up” if I’m threatened and/or literally beat up and shut down!!?

How will I learn the same lesson if I learn and perceive differently!?
If what “helps” some,
Has a different or WORSE effect on me!!?

How will mistreating and punishing me,
CLEARLY teach and/or awaken me!!?
How will it inspire me to join with and trust everybody!!?

I’m trying to see as clearly as I can,
So I can make the best,
most practical decisions that I can,

Not to sound overly-entitled,
I really hope that protects those like me who post,
As well as those who receive posts,
So incase I lose control of how and what I post,
Others will still be there instead of abusively using what I post against me,
Then ghosting me permanently,

If we mostly carry bad,
unclear energy,
Then how can we clearly teach ourselves and others, the most practical,
clear way to go through our physical manifestation we manifested and still manifest in,
in this reality?

How can we live clearly?
To see what we need to see,
To experience reality,
To the BEST of our ability!?

I ask these questions,
I repeat these beliefs,
To try to understand more clearly,
To help myself,
And to do my present best,
To help however I can,
The most,
I presently can

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