Aside from my hypocrisy and however else my writing may one day,
if ever,
help my life,
Since a large intention I try to keep when writing is to help myself and others go through the present throughout each day, month, year, life, and continue on however long,

I must remain focused throughout my day,
So if I’m at work and say a thought comes up in me that says,
“If you forget any truths before you have a chance to write them down, they will likely still come back clearer and deeper”,
So I must NOT get distracted or in trouble not only for myself but so I don’t cause trouble..,

(I also believe I thought of this before hearing this, however I’m sure many others are to some extent aware of this..)

So anything that comes to me that I crucially want to express,
Or keep to whatever degree of desirability,

So I don’t lose focus and cause harm to myself or any others,
I must remember whatever is true,
May always come back later, in a way that is clearer, deeper, or however more true,
Especially if I stay true,
To what will continually expand, deepen and/or clear my experience that is true

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