So There

To break down “working smarter and not harder”,
For one,
The word “working” may imply “hard enough”..
However I also want to say that:

The less I see the big picture,
The more I suffer,
Since I work excessively harder,
And make my life harder,
Which is more unhealthier,

The less aware I am,
The more susceptible I’ll be to trying to find external substances to feel better,
So I’ll harm myself by being less aware..
Since I’ll look externally,
Instead of finding what I can appreciate internally,
Since my attention will be less internally aware,
Since my attention will be less aware of all there is to appreciate,
So it will more likely gravitate,
To harmful substances,

So there,

The more I see the “big picture”,
The more aware I’ll be,
The more I’ll clearly see,
Including what I must avoid,
That will harm me,
And the more I’ll clearly appreciate,
All there is naturally,
That may make the moment feel better, or great,

I struggle at this,
But I just also wanted to discuss about this

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