I can’t tell if there’s enough TEAM spirit,
Or too much negative morale and talking shit?
If you found a way of handling it,
Please help those with atypical higher challenges make the best of it,

Correcting every misunderstanding,
Whether it’s of me or whatever,
Is inefficient,
I must accept that others may not like me,
And I’ll struggle to not react negatively to aggressive negativity,

Of course,
Others have their own pain,
Which I may somewhat understand but struggle to emphasize with,
But I hope enough realize that we’re accountable to heal what’s bothering us, So we have LESS BOTHERING US,

But I don’t know how much others adequately realize this,
They may understand more practical, technical big pictures than me,
But do they understand that I struggle more to focus when they aggressively correct me,

So my time here is more worthy,

Do my best to ADVOCATE for myself,

Although I’m trying to spread positive contribution through writing,
I don’t want to make any commitments,
Because when I try and my insecurity prevents me PERFECTLY fulfilling them the way I promised,
That makes me an easier target,
For others to take out their anger on me,
By excessively criticizing me over unnecessary, yet harmful, bullshit,

I’m doing my best to find my best environment,
Maybe other stores in the company I work for will help me attain and be more welcoming into their team spirit?

I’m still doing the best I know to adequately consistently “deal with it”,

That has always been my commitment,
And if you don’t offer me ways to better handle it,
But just want to criticize and make me feel bad about not being unnecessarily perfect,

How is that going to help with needed spirit,
How is that going to make me less medication dependent?
How is that going to help me experience closer to the best I can of it,

I believe good spirit,
Is a very IMPORTANT commitment,
Because who wouldn’t want that!?
Which is a reason why I’m trying to express and/or share feelings regarding it

2 thoughts on “Commitment

  1. You are a very caring person, Zach, and your writings should help all to understand what it feels like to experience disrespect and misunderstanding. Your writing, if we all take the time to think and feel what you express, should help people be nice to each other.


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