Not controlling Control

Although I believe,
That we can,
Practice clearing ourselves internally,
On whatever level,
clearly make proper,
Or clearer,

Although I believe,
That even though I and I guess everyone,
No matter how distorted,
or misguided,
for “whatever reasons”,
Tries to make the best choices their present level of conscious awareness or unconscious awareness sees fit,

I believe that when it comes down to it,
Choices (or decisions),
Just happen,

So although we have control,
On a certain level,
On a deeper level,
We also,
Don’t have control,
Of our ability to choose our present level of control..

So I guess,
Although we can work on ourselves,
We can’t control,
Our control to continually cultivate what we can choose, decide, and/or control..
For example,

In my belief..
We can’t control,
what we decide,
to control,
To whatever level,
And therefore,
We can’t control,
What we decide to not control to whatever level,

Or I guess,
To use fewer,
Yet more implicitly deeper words,

In my belief,
We do have control,
And can’t control,
Whatever we happen to,
Or don’t,

3 thoughts on “Not controlling Control

  1. Your words here remind me of the essence of the Serenity Poem/Prayer. I find it very simple and also quite challenging to remember, so much we don’t control, yet we can change some things. Thanks Zach


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